Knauf Fire Protection

Knauf Insulation manufacture and distribute a wide range of products especially suited to fire protection applications.Knauf products Rocksilk FireTech slabs and Knauf Fireboard are ideal for the beam and column encasement, while Rocksilk Smoke and Fire Barrier is specially designed for use above suspended ceilings.


Rocksilk FireTech Slab is a high density, resilient and non-combustible rock mineral wool slab. It is available un-faced or faced with a Bright Class ‘O’ reinforced aluminium foil. It is also available tissue faced, subject to enquiry. Rocksilk FireTech Dry Fix Noggin Slab is an extra high density, resilient and non-combustible, easy to cut, rock mineral wool slab for use in the Rocksilk FireTech Dry Fix System.


Rocksilk FireTech Slab can be used to provide up to 4 hours fire protection to structural steel and cast iron columns, beams and trusses. Rocksilk FireTech Slabs with a foil facing are suitable for use above clean rooms, within air plenums, or for aesthetic purposes. Plaster manufacturers advice and guidance should be followed regarding pre-treatment of Rocksilk FireTech Slabs before application of plaster finishes. Rocksilk Firetech Slab can be used with four types of fixing systems for the fire protection of structural steelwork.

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