Creative Freedom and Innovation with Aquapanel Systems

With the complete Aquapanel wall system, architects are able to reject conventional thinking and to innovate without risk, and to construct with the certainty of a complete solution.

Implementing Aquapanel Solutions into any design makes it easy to exceed expectations with such versatile and trusted wall solutions.

The advantages of unlimited potential in terms of design freedom gives architects room to be inspired. ln place of brick or block, the Knauf Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside can give up to 8% net gain in interior room. This benefit is backed up and secured by the ability to trust in the high performance and the quality of a tried and tested solution, a wall that offers the certainty and promise of high performance.

Unlimited Design Creativity

New design possibilities are within reach thanks to the AQUAPANEL® Technology that is simply more versatile than conventional materials. It is lighter and thinner than conventional materials which enables design such as dramatic monolithic canopies and curved interior and exterior walls.
Being such a light and thin material further enables design such as adding additional stories to existing buildings where other materials would simply be too heavy to be implementing.


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