Asona Acoustic Solutions

Asona was founded in 1978 and since then a variety of acoustical products for sound absorption marketed. In over 35 years they have made enormous variety of projects and gained a lot of experience.

Asona continue to develop the products and ensure that in this way they grow with the market and demand. Purpose and philosophy of the company is to improve the acoustic environment in general, improve room acoustics by reducing the reverberation time.

For each application the right acoustic product

Sound-absorbing coating for walls and ceilings creates absorption of sound waves, causing reverberation forthcoming. Because Asona in the past 35 years has developed huge variety of products, the finish can almost always connect to the principles of the chosen design. There is a product available for every budget at Asona.

Reduce reverberation time

A pleasant acoustic experience is closely related to the materialization and the shape of the room . For example, play height and the shape of a space, the floor covering and the wall finish a important role in the experience of a space.

Seamless acoustic spray plaster and with complete freedom of form

Years of development creates a perfect product to apply on any surface and with complete freedom of form on walls and ceilings. Of arches and columns to tight construction walls. Also, different textures available; coarse grained to superfine. All kinds of finishes are available in all RAL colors.

Seamless finish for a superior sound-absorbing acoustic climate

Sonacoustic is a highly decorative sound absorbing ceilings and wall finishes with a variable finishing and a seamless finish that furthermore every form of the surface is adjustable. The smooth surface can be finished both in whole or with the various structures. The product belongs to the top in its class.The structure of the Sonacoustic system consists of a combination of different sound-absorbing Sonaboards and layers of seamless finish. Because of the wide variety of topafwerkingen we can meet every optical wish. The diversity of the different versions in different thicknesses (~ 25 t / m ~ 65 mm) we can satisfy any acoustic requirement.
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