Giussani Glass & Demountable Partitions

Ge Giussani, with more than 20 years of experience in wall partitions and raised floors, develops and realizes projects for the office space and the contemporary working environment. Innovation, research and a very flexible method of production are the key ingredients of a consolidated working process where experimentation and quality control are exercised along with the knowledge of the craftsman to meet the customer’s needs.

A host of services ranging from project planning to assistance and installment, for a fully realized product.

Permeability, luminosity and lightness are the characteristics of the systems LIGHT. The glazed panel as the absolute within the panoramic of the contemporary architecture. LIGHt proposes a simple bur rich system of dividing partitions in reinforced glass able to define the office space with simple gestures.

Making use of the structural qualities of glass and the modularity of the system, LIGHT allows for large and continuous single or double glazed surfaces without the use of intermediate mountings. The system is available in various glass finishes that create varying degrees of transparency between spaces.

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