SAB Difussion Glass & Demountable Partitions

SAB DIFFUSION is one of today’s European leaders in the design and manufacturing of removable partitions.

Its products are recommended and commercialized in over 45 countries worldwide via a network comprising certified partners and fitters. Moreover, SAB DIFFUSION distributes its product ranges in France via its own trade network, comprising 35 LITT agencies.

The success of the SAB DIFFUSION removable partitions lies in the exclusive design in the blending of its ranges, which allows total compatibility of the product range. This major innovation furthers creativity in space-planning projects; and can be adapted to all types of configurations and environment which allows real flexibility when fitting or dismantling partitions.

Since its beginning, the firm, SAB DIFFUSION has been committed in taking steps towards the certification of its products which enable it to meet the most stringent norms required. These guarantee the quality of its products not only from the performance point of view but also safety, reliability, durability or respect of the environment.

SAB DIFFUSION is a member of the S.N.F.A. (National Syndicate for windows, facades and miscellaneous related business) and participates in the development of technical standards and spécifications in effect in its markets.

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