Power Your inspiration With Knauf Suspended Ceiling System

The Knauf Suspended Ceiling system uses the minimum number of different components and is extremely easy and quick to install. The system is very strong and perfect for larger ceiling areas.

The Knauf range of ceiling linings for residential and commercial applications includes standard sag resistant plasterboard and technical plasterboards, perforated boards, and mineral fiber ceiling panels. These products offer a range of applications from acoustic to aesthetic, to sag and fire resistance.

As supplier of interior building materials, we feel that it is our duty to contribute to cleaner indoor air by making our acoustic products smarter and more functional. That is why we’ve integrated the air purifying Cleaneo Technology that effectively reduces levels of a large number of air pollutants in a room”, explains Erik Ipsen, Head of R&D at Knauf Danoline. Cleaneo Technology is derived from a natural volcanic rock called Zeolite. In Knauf Danoline, Zeolite is used in a more concentrated, synthetic version named Zeoflair. When gypsum board containing Zeoflair is perforated, it purifies air as it streams through the perforations, removing unpleasant pollutants and leaving the air cleaner.

Indoor air influences our well-being

Research shows that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors and that an increasing number of pollutants contaminate the air we breathe inside our homes, our offices, our schools. The indoor air is polluted in many ways: building materials, furniture, cleaning agents and people all release particles and odours (so-called VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds) that contaminate the indoor air. Poor indoor air quality, contaminated with particles such as formaldehyde, limonene, etc. can cause headaches, concentration difficulties, allergies, asthma and even cancer.

Proven to reduce pollutants

Independent laboratory tests at the Fraunhof Institute for Building Physics in Germany highlight the effectiveness of Cleaneo Technology. The laboratory subjected perforated ceiling boards with Cleaneo Technology to a continuous 28-day test, exposing the products to 22 of the most prevalent VOCs. Measurements recorded significant reductions in pollutant concentrations in accordance with the respective CEN standards and VDI guidelines. Throughout all the tests, the Cleaneo Technology improved the indoor air quality by reducing the concentration of polar volatile compounds like alcohol, aldehydes, ketones and esters – all typical emissions from cleaning agents and care products.

Even in the most demanding trials, which simulated the emissions from concentrated liquid pig manure, the Cleaneo Technology performed impressively, eliminating foul odours and making the air safe and pleasant to breathe once more.

Light reflection

Rooms equipped with Knauf ceilings feel light and airy. Factors such as the degree of dullness and structure result in low reflection and a good utilisation of the reflected light. The various surface qualities offer numerous variation options ranging from high-gloss to matt surfaces.

Room climate

A well-balanced room climate significantly influences our well-being. In order to create a sustainable room climate, the use of the right building materials plays an important role, from the point of view of structural biology. Gypsum, wood wool, and mineral fibre are harmless and environmentally responsible materials that guarantee a sound room climate.


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