Inspiring Rockfon Ceilings

At a time when budgets are under ever-increasing pressure, this smooth white, affordable ceiling tile embodies all the unique stone wool performance characteristics you’d expect from Rockfon

Thanks to the excellent properties of Rockwool stone wool ceiling tiles, there is no need to choose between safety and design. ROCKFON ceilings ensure comfort to its customers, quick and easy installation for the installers and unlimited possibilities for interior designers.

Room acoustics is crucial wherever sound quality plays an important role. Some hard materials such as steel and glass are common in modern design, but often at the cost of room acoustics. As ROCKFON ceilings are made of resilient stone wool, they absorb sound very well and thus, considerably shorten reverberation time and create good acoustic environments.

DESIGN: look good and feel good at the same time
The stone wool properties along with an advanced production technology make it possible to obtain high quality ceiling tiles available in a wide range of colours, modules and edge types. They create unlimited design options, much desired by architects. They inspire customized solutions determined both by needs and by the imagination of the users.

PROPERTIES: health and safety come first
ROCKFON ceiling tiles comply with A1 classification for having the best reaction to fire – this means that they are non-combustible and do not create smoke or burning droplets during a fire. As stone wool is an inorganic material, ROCKFON tiles are resistant to the development of mould, fungi and bacteria. They can withstand 100% relative humidity (RH) at a temperature of 40°C. Even over time, they remain dimensionally stable, regardless of air humidity levels or temperature fluctuations.

INSTALLATION: great results must not always require great effort
ROCKFON suspended ceilings are quick and simple to install. Thanks to their light weight, they are easy to handle and transport. They are installer friendly as they do not generate dust whilst being cut and mounted. After installation, tile surfaces can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. They enable easy access to the services hidden behind the ceilings tiles such as HVAC etc.


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